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The Station Inn, Whitby
with Whitby Ghost Walk

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Friday 26th October 2018
10.30pm to 3am
 £35pp (£20 deposit)
 Buffet and hot drinks

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This event wasn't available for a while due to renovation work but now its back with vengeance  Please see are events page for more upcoming ghost hunts.

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The historic town of Whitby, currently a fishing port and popular tourist destination, has had a diverse and influential past. Situated on the North East coast of England, in the county of North Yorkshire, Whitby snugly straddles the mouth of the river Esk facing out into the inimitable North sea. An eclectic mix of picturesque fisherman's cottages, storied Georgian town houses, cobbled streets, nooks and snickets, Whitby has a lot to offer its visitors; whether they are lured by the town's rich history, unique beauty, tourist attractions and amusements Whitby can't fail to satisfy.
Great Explorers such as Captain James Cook and Sir William Scoresby sailed from the Town of Whitby. Captain Cook was a British explorer, navigator and cartographer. Cook made detailed maps of Newfoundland and then went on to make three voyages to the Pacific Ocean. During these voyages he became the first European to make contact with the Eastern Coast of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, and made the first recorded circumnavigation of new Zealand
Ironically, Whitby’s most famous supernatural association comes from between the pages of a book, rather than from the recollection of a ghostly encounter or gleaned from local folklore. Bram Stoker based part of his famous vampire novel ‘Dracula’ in Whitby. Bram Stoker spent time researching in the library to learn the history of the old harbour town and talking with the old sailor’s and hearing their yarns. He would have been told the story of the ship called Demetrius; a Russian schooner that a few years earlier had been wrecked on the rocks surrounding Whitby. The Demetrius had been carrying a cargo of coffins and for some time afterwards, decaying corpses would be found washed up on the shore. In the famous novel, Dracula arrives in Whitby on a ship called the Demeter that was also carrying a cargo of coffins and it was in the town that Dracula turned Lucy Westenra into a vampire. The Bram Stoker Memorial Seat was erected in 1980 on the spot on the southern end of the West Cliff where Bram Stoker is believed to have received his inspiration for the part of the novel that is set in Whitby.
The coastline from Whitby to Saltburn by the Sea has long been famed for its smuggling activities. Houses in these tiny coastal communities pile one on top of another and it was easy for contraband to be passed from one house to the next without it appearing above ground. Secret rooms were also built into some of the houses so that smugglers could hide from the Excise men.
Smuggling itself was an accepted way of life for English coastal villages in the late 18th and early 19th Century and it was an activity performed by all sorts of people across the social scale from farmhands to clergymen to local gentry. Entire villages would turn out to help hide the contraband goods before the arrival of the preventive officers. Folklore and local legend depicts the smugglers as harmless men, who were merely trying to avoid paying an unlawful tax.
Saltburn and other villages like it were remote and isolated communities where hidden beaches meant unlawful business could be carried on far from prying eyes. Saltburn itself is ideally situated for smuggling as the cliffs provide an effective hiding place and the wooded coves provide cover for offloading cargo. The peak of smuggling activity was over a 150 year period from 1700 and towards the end of the 18th Century, the Saltburn - Whitby area became notorious as a smuggling hotspot.

The Station Inn

The Station Inn  has many secret passage ways and tunnels underneath that date back to the 18th and early 19th century,  The Station Inn was knocked down and rebuilt and is still over a 100 yrs old!  The cellar is all original and is even older than the building above.


With Whitby its self being full of gruesome tales, it isn't surprising that the Station Inn is very haunted. With its secret tunnels that the smugglers used to use and a room that they call the Murder Room down stairs in the cellar. The Inn is home to many disturbed spirits that are just waiting and lurking in every dark corner. With feelings of uneasiness and a sense of being watched isn't it understandable that when the bar staff have to go down the cellar they just want to get the heck out and do what they have to do fast and quick! When visiting the Station Inn myself, the atmosphere was really intense down in the cellar and I witnessed a dark shadow running out of the Murdered Room!

The Event

With a night of intense vigils and séances do you dare spend a night at the Station Inn!! 

Your evening will begin with a ghost walk around Whitby. After the ghost walk we will head back to the Station Inn where we can chill out with refreshments and a buffet. Then we will head off into the night of a intense night of investigations. 

You will be very much a part of the team on this event, taking part in some intense vigils, and being able to use the teams paranormal or ghost hunting equipment. The event will start promptly at the time specified on the events page, and we ask that all attendees be at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the event start time.
A tour of the event location will be undertaken before ALL the lights are turned off, there will be set refreshment breaks when drinks and snacks will be provided for you… if anyone has any special dietary requirements please telephone 0781 555 2495 to arrange suitable dietary alternatives.

Health and Safety

Please be aware that persons considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs with be refused admission and asked to leave the event with no refunds being given (please see Terms and Conditions).

A good pair of shoes and warm clothing are advised on our events as some venues/locations can be very cold.


New Quay Rd, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 1DH

New Quay Rd, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 1DH

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