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The Grand Pavilion is an Edwardian Building which was originally known as Kursal. Build in 1910 on the site of an old stables which once belonged to the Fishpond Hotel over the road.

This stunning building was built by the community for the community to provide a meeting place of shelter and entertainment for the locals and the many tourists visiting Matlock Bath. 

Due to lack of funds the building eventually began to fall into did-repair and the local community formed a Charity - The Grand Pavilion Ltd, which purchased the building off the council and now runs it as an entertainment venue. 


With such a fantastic history, The Grand Pavilion doesn't disappoint when it comes to paranormal phenomenon, and is well known in the local area for its mysterious hauntings. Staff, past and present, tell tales of being watched, followed, hearing footsteps and voices and seeing moving shadows out the corner of their eyes. One member of staff, a few years ago, refused to go down the stairs into the cellar area due to the feeling of being watched and strangled. Children are often heard running around the corridors and the main hall, laughing as they go. A smartly dressed pale lady is occasionally is seen looking out of one of the top floor window, as if looking or waiting for someone. The stage is a home to a grumpy spirit and visitors often get their clothes tugged in one particular spot, which one being scratched on an investigation quite recently. A death is know to have occurred when a lady fell down one of the stage exit stairs on the way to the green rooms below, and the feeling of unease or being pushed is often reported in this area, and the EMF meters often go crazy here.

Under the stage in the green rooms, the spirits of children are heard again, a janitor type gentleman and a very well dressed lady, thought to be a singer or performer, roam the rooms and shadows are seen moving along the corridors. Voices are also often heard here and visitors have been reported to being told "get out"! 

The main hall is not surprisingly host to many spirits or visitors and party goers, with one visiting group picking up on a young military type gentlemen seemingly searching for someone or something. 

Mists have often been seen and photographed here too.

Join Claire Marie Priest and her shadows of the night team as we investigate The Grand Pavilion using all our knowledge and experience and equipment that we have invested in over the years, including K2 Meters. EVP's, Motion Sensors, Night Vision Goggles and wireless CCTV.

So you dare to join us?!