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Terms and Conditions you need to know before booking with Shadows of the Night...

1. Events are open to people aged eighteen and over. Shadows of the Night reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who appears to be under the age of 18. These events are not recommended for persons of a nervous disposition, anyone with a known heart condition or anyone with severe disabilities, unfortunately we cannot allow heavily pregnant women to attend due to the nature of the events. Certain locations may be unsuitable for people with disabilities please contact the office before booking if you have any concerns. Please note that deposits for all events are non refundable.

2. Event participants must take full responsibility for any personal equipment or clothing and management takes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage during the course of an event and cannot be held liable for any such incidence. This includes loss or injury during the course of any paranormal occurrence such as poltergeist activity. Personal items may be left in the base room during your investigation, at your own risk.

3. It is recommended that people taking part in events wear sensible clothing and footwear. Warm clothing is also advised as temperatures tend to dip during the twilight hours and this is particularly recommended for any outside events. Shadows of the Night take no responsibility for illness or injury due to inappropriate clothing or footwear.

4. No attendees suspected to be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs will be permitted to partake in the event, if you are suspected of being under the influence of either of the above or if you are suspected of bringing either of the aforementioned, you will be asked to leave the event and you will be in breach of the terms and conditions. No refund will be given.

5. People attending events must make their own travel arrangements to and from locations and this includes any overnight accommodation should the need arise. Management cannot be held liable for any payment regarding travel and/or accommodation.

6. As stated by UK law no smoking is permitted inside any public places, however, the building's custodian or Shadows of the Night staff will advise you where the permitted smoking areas are.

7. Most locations have on-site parking, whether attendees leave their vehicles on site or elsewhere, Shadows of the Night accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles.

8. You attend the event purely at your own risk, Shadows of the Night accept no liability for any accident or injury to yourselves or any members of your party, therefore we advise that all members of your party should have their own Third-party public liability insurance.

9. Due to weather conditions or circumstances out of our control, events may occasionally have to be changed, cancelled or postponed, you will be asked upon booking for a viable email address and contact number where we will make every effort to contact you if such an event occurs. In the event of any of the above occurring you will receive a transfer on to either the next available date for that location or a transfer to another event of the same value. No refund will be given.

10. We make no guarantees regarding the validity or truth of any and all information obtained from our employees, psychics, mediums, clairvoyants or hosts on any of our events, it is left to the attendee to decide what is the truth based on your own beliefs.

11. Throughout the duration of the event your party will act in a sensible manner and will not in any way cause injury or harm to other attendees, Shadows of the Night staff or any property, aggressive behaviour to any team member or other guests will not be Tolerated, you will be removed from the event, where necessary the appropriate action will be taken. No refund will be given.

12. Shadows of the Night team members have witnessed paranormal activity throughout the UK at various locations; however we cannot and will not guarantee that paranormal activity will take place on the night of your investigation.

13. Unless specified by your team member and host, you will not be permitted to leave your group and work alone.

14. Once you have booked an event with Shadows of the Night, you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions all of which are non-negotiable.

15. We expect attendees to be respectful and courteous of the surrounding when leaving any event, due to the time of day, respecting any nearby residents.

16. Due to changes in consumer law, surrounding the fraudulent mediums act 1951, we are obliged to state that all Shadows of the Night events are for entertainment purposes only.

17. All attendees will be offered protection before the event begins, it is up to each attendee to decide whether they want to be protected, any attendees that don't wish to be do so entirely at their own risk. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or don't want to participate in a particular experiment, please feel free to speak to a team member, who will be more than happy to help you.

18. Some of our events are filmed with night-vision cameras, editied and sold publically on DVD and Blu-ray by a third-party company. By being a part of the investigation you automatically declare your willingness to be in the video. If for any reason you do not wish to appear in the edited video you must declare it to the production team who can blur you out. They may not be able to remove you audibly. 

Your acceptance to these terms and conditions is deemed at the time of booking and in doing so Shadows of the Night are indemnified against all legal liability in respect of claims or costs for any personal loss, damage to self or property, personal injury or death arising from your participation during the course of our paranormal investigations. It is strongly advised that you have your own third party public liability insurance.