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History of The Old Police Cells...

The cells contain 200 years of history of the Brighton Police through to Sussex constabulary formation. Condemned in 1929 they were unearthed some years ago.In 1844, chief Constable Henry Soloman was bludgeoned to death by a criminal in his office. His killer was publicly hung the next day.The police cells were condemned in 1929 and are now unearthed for your pleasure. In 1844, Chief Constable Henry Solomon was senselessly bludgeoned to death by a petty criminal before witnesses in his own office. His assailant spent a night in the subterranean cells before being tried and publicly hanged. These cells have hosted many infamous felons who have shared a night in the company of the spectres that lurk within…The old police station was always situated in the basement of the town hall, and was part of the original council building design which was built in 1830.During the early days of the force, there were just 8 watchmen. Henry Solomon joined as a police officer in 1836, and by 1838 he was appointed as Chief Constable, the highest rank on the force. He was responsible for around 30 officers, with a population at the time of approximately 47,000.Henry Solomon lost his life, on the 13th March 1844, while interviewing a 23 year old prisoner named John Lawrence. His offence was stealing a roll of carpet from a shop. During the interview, Solomon was bludgeoned with a hot poker from the fireplace. This caused a severe head injury from which he died a short while after. It is thought, that had Solomon been wearing a top hat, (which replaced the police helmets in 1868) he may have survived. He left behind his widow, and nine children who were given the sum of £50 by Queen Victoria herself. An additional fund was set up to give the family support in their time of need, exceeding over £1000, which of course was a great deal of money in those days.Lawrence was found guilty of murder and was publicly hanged at Horsham for his horrific crime. Solomon was buried in the Jewish burial ground known as Florence Place, and became a bit of a local celebrity, with his name displayed on the Brighton busses.The museum which opened in 1967, is dedicated to charting the history of Brighton’s policing. The cells are available to explore, with graffiti mainly from the mods and rockers era. You can also see the policemen’s washroom, uniform store, and you can discover police memorabilia and artefacts. There is of course a section dedicated to Henry Solomon and details of his life, his career, and his unfortunate death.

Ghostly Sightings...

Unexplained noises are frequently heard, such as whispers, screams, and dragging sounds. Visitors have also reported being touched by unseen hands, and more frequently, people say they experience the unnerving feeling of being watched. Dark Shadows have appeared around various walls and ceilings within the cells, the paranormal activity is so bad that not even the staff like to walk around alone. Experience an evening that the staff would have experienced back in the day, and travel back in time with The Shadows Of The Night Paranormal Events. 

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