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Mill Street Barracks, St Helens

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 Friday 11th March 2016
9pm to 2am
£38pp (Deposit £15)
Hot drinks, cold buffet.

About this location...

Mill Street Barracks was built in 1861 and is steeped in military and local history. It has accommodated many branches of the armed forces throughout its life involving numerous wars. It has been a morgue during several world wars. The barracks has links with the nearby church and nunnery.

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century Mill Street Barracks became infamous as a site of significant paranormal activity. Given its history as a morgue during several wars, its links to the nearby churches and nunnery, and its former caretakers, the Barracks has a wealth of links with those who have passed over.

Today, Ghost Hunters and Spiritual Groups visit the Barracks to search for evidence of haunting. There are more than ten regularly sighted spirits here making MIll Street Barracks one of the most haunted buildings in the UK.

The Event

You will be very much a part of the team on this event, taking part in some intense vigils, and being able to use the teams paranormal or ghost hunting equipment. The event will start promptly at the time specified on the events page, and we ask that all attendees be at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the event start time.
A tour of the event location will be undertaken before ALL the lights are turned off, there will be set refreshment breaks when drinks and snacks will be provided for you… if anyone has any special dietary requirements please telephone 0781 555 2495 to arrange suitable dietary alternatives.

Health and Safety

Please be aware that persons considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs with be refused admission and ask to leave the event with no refunds being given (refer to Terms and Conditions).
A good pair of shoes and warm clothing are advised on our events as some venues/locations can be very cold.


There have been sightings of a male, mainly sighted and heard on the upper level of the barracks, he seems to particularly like the ladies.

Black Dog – Bruce the three legged dog, a former resident, has been seen numerous times over the years searching for his former master. A whole host of other animals including cats have also been seen and heard over the years.

The Angry Man – In the highest room in the old accommodation block, this man has tried to push people down the stairs, and succeeded in pushing them into walls. He is angry about something, but what could it be?

There are lots of other spirits rumoured to be in the building including the Hanged Man, the Nuns of Lowe Street Church, the Crying Girl, the Mewing Cats and the Attention Seeking Children.

Join the Shadows of the Night team at this very haunted location as we take you off into the night of intense investigation! Would you dare yourself do do a lone vigil in what used to be the morgue?


St Helens, Merseyside WA10 2BB

Mill Street Barracks St Helens, Merseyside WA10 2BB

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