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Mary Queen of Scots' House

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 Saturday 18th June 2016
 9pm - 2am
£45 per person (£20 deposit)
Buffet / Hot drinks

The Event

You will be very much a part of the team on this event, taking part in some intense vigils, and being able to use the teams paranormal or ghost hunting equipment. The event will start promptly at the time specified on the events page, and we ask that all attendees be at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the event start time.
A tour of the event location will be undertaken before ALL the lights are turned off, there will be set refreshment breaks when drinks and snacks will be provided for you… if anyone has any special dietary requirements please telephone 0781 555 2495 to arrange suitable dietary alternatives.

Health and Safety

Please be aware that persons considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs with be refused admission and ask to leave the event with no refunds being given (refer to Terms and Conditions).
A good pair of shoes and warm clothing are advised on our events as some venues/locations can be very cold.

Event Memories

During your event Heartshead Productions Ltd may be in attendance to capture every scary moment. DVDs or Blu-rays can be purchased/ordered on the event or from the Video Vault at the price of £10 per DVD, or £12 for Blu-ray. Orders will be fulfilled and delivered with two weeks of your event.

To purchase a DVD of our visit to this location on 22nd September 2012  please visit the Video Vault.


Mary Queen of Scots house is situated in the market town of Jedburgh, just 10 miles south of the English/Scottish border. Built in a garden of pear trees, and only a short walk from the 12th century abbey, this is a very atmospheric building.

The young queen arrived at Jedbugh during the summer of 1566 in order to preside over the local courts; to which end a house (the venue for this event) was placed at her disposal.  It was during her short stay here that Mary recovered from a fever that nearly took her life, but Mary’s time at Jedburgh was far from trouble free, indeed it was actually to sound her death knell, for within weeks of her arrival Mary was taken captive by the then Queen of England… Elizabeth 1st.

Queen Mary’s house was opened to the public on the 400th anniversary of her death. Among the unique collection held within the house is a lock of her hair and a death mask, all of which give an insight into the life of a very charming and spiritual lady.


With reports of strange smells, the sound of clothing rustling, the eerie feeling of being watched by unseen eyes, and some intense levels of phenomena causing people to flee the house, dare you join with Shadows of the Night as we enter the Queen of Scots house to seek out who is making their ghostly presence known.

"My heart keeps watch for one who's gone" 

(Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots')


Queen Street, Jedburgh, Scottish Borders, TD8 6EN