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Borders Textile Tower House

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  Saturday 29th Oct 2016
  9pm - 3am
  £39pp (deposit £20)
  Hot Drinks, Buffet

The Event

You will be very much a part of the team on this event, taking part in some intense vigils, and being able to use the teams paranormal or ghost hunting equipment. The event will start promptly at the time specified on the events page, and we ask that all attendees be at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the event start time.
A tour of the event location will be undertaken before ALL the lights are turned off, there will be set refreshment breaks when drinks and snacks will be provided for you… if anyone has any special dietary requirements please telephone 0781 555 2495 to arrange suitable dietary alternatives.

Health and Safety

Please be aware that persons considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs with be refused admission and ask to leave the event with no refunds being given (refer to Terms and Conditions). A good pair of shoes and warm clothing are advised on our events as some venues/locations can be very cold.


1 Tower Knowe, Hawick TD9 9BZ

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1 Tower Knowe, Hawick TD9 9BZ

About this location

The Borders Textile Tower House is a  museum and visitor centre that explores the knitwear & tweed story of Scotland's premier textile region. Changing exhibitions showcase contemporary fashion and design. Displays of garments, artefacts and photographs tell the story of over 200 years of tradition and innovation in the Borders Industry. It is a lively hands-on museum suitable for all ages.

The Tom Scott Room displays paintings by the noted Scottish watercolourist, Tom Scott RSA along with touchscreen access to the Museum’s full collection.The Secret Tower displays explore the turbulent history of the building from the time of the reivers.

Historically this location is also known as the 'Black Tower of Drumlanrig' and is the oldest building in Hawick. It was an imposing landmark in the town and has witnessed the savage cross - Border warfare and bitter inter-family feuding which marks the town's turbulent distant past. The sotry of the tower is traced from its earliest years as a fortified tower and stronghold of the Douglas family power, through development as a genteel 18th century residence for Anne, Duchess of Buccleich and Monmouth (whose husband was James, the illfated Duke of Monmouth). In the 19th century the Tower servied as Hawick's main commercial inn, later becoming the Tower Hotel - the focus of social life in Hawick until its closure in the 1970s. It was opened as an interpretative centre in the 1990s and refurbished as Borders Textile Towerhouse in 2009.


With the borders textile house being one of the oldest buildings in Hawick it is certainly safe to say that there has been some strange activity going on here! As the staff member said to me that every morning she enters the house, there is always a different feel to it, sometimes good and sometimes times bad. This is not surprising with a house full of so much history. 

There are so many reports of paranormal sightings with dark shadows seen by many, apparitions appearing and walking through walls in front of their very eyes. Add to this feelings of being watched, loud bangs and footsteps when there is no other persons in the building! Would you dare yourself to join the Shadows team and celebrity medium Ian lawman as we take you on a journey you will never forget? With a night of intense investigation & séances as we find answers to what & whom haunts Hawicks oldest building.