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 For birthdays, Hen/Stag  parties, corporate events  and more!

About Shadows of the Night

Hi and welcome to Shadows of The Night website!!


Shadows of The Night are a professional paranormal team that specalise in public events, corporate events, hen/stag parties and much more.


With our unique sense of fun, our aim is not to bore you but to take you on a adventure of a life time as we investigate haunted locations throughout the UK. Our team works hard to find new and exclusive locations in areas such as; Newcastle, Scottish Borders, York, Whitby, Scarbrough, Redcar and Hull with many more to come. From sleepovers to Medieval themed nights, for Most Haunted and Living With The Dead fans we have events with celebrity medium/exorcist Ian Lawman!


With our passion and dedication that shows throughout our investigations, why not join us as we safely take you on a journey you will ever forget, as our team guide you and make sure you walk away with paranormal experiences you will remember forever!


Hope to see you all soon.

Remember Fear Is That Little Dark Room...


Meet Claire, owner, founder and paranormal investigator...

Hi my name is Claire, I have been interested in the paranormal world since I was a child. I have always believed that there was something out there and now I finally have the chance to share my experiences.

My first spiritual encounter was when I was 18 years old, I lived in a house that just had that eerie feeling to it, there was always the feeling of being watched, but it never made me feel scared or uneasy.

One night as a child, I woke up with the strange feeling that there was someone else in the room. For a while I stayed very still as I could hear someone moving around in the far corner, I turned over to see what it was and was shocked to see the figure of an old woman standing there, she had a glow around her, that was when I realised that she was not a real person, but a spirit lady.

Once the lights in my bedroom were switched off the room would be pitch black, but this lady had a clear grey glow around her. She was a plump elderly lady and she was wearing dungarees, I could see the button holes that the straps over her shoulders were buttoned into. I could even see the creases in her legs. I didnt feel scared at all, in fact I turned my back and went back to sleep. I have always believed it was a loved one watching over me, and I liked the feeling of knowing someone was there to look after me.

I have always gone to spiritual churches and have had many experiences over the last 20 years, each one being very different from the other, I am clairsentient and can pick up on spirits that are near by, I also have visions.

I have worked with some paranormal teams in the past and have been to some amazing locations across the UK. I am well known for my collection of tattoos on my back depicting my favorite haunted locations....Newcastle's Castle Keep, Yorks 35 Stonegate, the Seance room and even the haunted Dog leap at Newcastle upon Tyne's Quayside, this in itself shws how much I love what I do.

We are a team with the most up-beat of attitudes and we want people to share our experiences, at our favorite locations across the country.

We are there to keep you safe, and to help you have the experiences your looking for, but most of all we want to have fun along the way....after all isn't that what its all about?